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Tuesday 23 January, 20:00

Born in Poland in 1930, Mala Tribich (née Helfgott) survived life in the ghetto, in hiding, and in Ravensbruck, then Bergen-Belsen concentration camps.

Reunited with her brother in England in 1947, she married, had a family, and only much later began to talk about her experiences; now she is a regular speaker in schools & beyond.

Hear her story for yourself as broadcaster Phil Dave interviews Mala Tribich ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day and discover the power of words from one of the ever-diminishing number of living witnesses to the Holocaust.

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with Renée Reitsma

Tuesdays 6 & 20 February, 20:00 

Interfaith Honour in a Time of Hatred

Tuesday 16 January, 20:00


 Please join us for an interfaith open evening: 

Matt Caro of Yad Vashem will present “Besa: A Code of Honour,” 

 our visiting exhibition which is on display 11-17 January 2018.

Albania, the only European country with a Muslim majority, succeeded in the place where other European nations failed: almost all Jews living within Albanian borders during the German occupation were saved.  

Besa literally means “to keep the promise”; its significance was that once a family was hosted by Albanians, they could trust them with their lives. 

Discover the story with this photo-exhibition, a collaboration between Yad Vashem and the Joseph Interfaith Foundation, made possible by the support of The Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation.

Rabbi Smith will also give a short account of the Council of Imams and Rabbis trip to Srebrenica. 

The evening will include an opportunity to have a brief conducted tour of the EHRS sanctuary. 


Tuesday 30 January 8pm

Please join us to celebrate this wonderful festival;

We will taste 15 fruits on three Seder plates with wine or non-alcoholic juice,

exploring our physical and spiritual relationship to trees, land and nature, with blessings, songs and stories

also joining us will be guests from local Anglican churches.

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Tuesday 14 November — 8pm

“Human Dignity” is a value that has helped Judaism change laws in response to human need.  The rabbinic concept of “K’vod Ha’briyot,” is usually translated as “Human Dignity.”  It is based on the Bible teaching that all human beings are made in God’s image. 


The Talmud used “Human Dignity” to permit Jews to break Shabbat laws for the sake of personal hygiene.  Recently Orthodox rabbis used this concept in different areas such as ruling against euthanasia, and permitting Jews to wear hearing aids on Shabbat.  One Orthodox rabbi tried to use it to allow women more equal rights within Orthodoxy. Conservative rabbis used this notion to allow respect for homosexual relations. We examine how this concept helps Judaism respond to reality in a caring way.

Monday 16 October, 13 November and 11 December — 8pm

We think we know our ancestral mothers, but how much do we actually remember about women like Sarah and Eve?  By delving into Torah and Rabbinic literature we’ll explore the familiar and unfamiliar aspects of these women and what they can teach us.


In honour of the traditional women’s holiday, a monthly study group for women and men interested in marking the New Moon by broadening their appreciation of women in Tanakh. 

An opportunity to brush up on the mameloshen that your Booba used when she got angry with your Zaider.


Tuesdays 17 October to 12 December — 11am

Tuesdays 17 October to 12 December — 10am 


A fun, conversational class that is suitable for people who can read script and have a basic spoken Hebrew

Shabbat 21 October, 18 November, 16 December — 9.15am


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